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Welcome to J Com Information Co., Ltd's Homepages !
It is J Com Information Co., Ltd chief director Jae-Woong, Moon.

Word called information security is becoming very important issue in global period that the world is operated in bonds by one.

Field that information security is such in bulky national importance field until financing, communication, airline, electric power and network more than without that act role such as Invisible Hand doing operate judge.

We will lead the IT industry of world-wide inside from like this field and the thin Republic of Korea will become the proud information security enterprise.
Act than speech and practice doing corporation become.
Become exemplary corporation which taking a serious view best than the best, and develop with belief and trust.

Is going to become information security company of belief which keep and guarantee safe network environment and client environment to customer who trust this firm and find.

Secondary of J Com Information Co., Ltd was begun in intention for corporation which Jesus does together by Jesus' abbreviation.
So, our company decided that corporation is motto Let is work and play contest by ability by belief.
Become corporation which do and support business assistance, technical support and development that cope rapidly on the basis of our company's corporation motto.

Finally, God's blessing prays to face to customer and business, stockholder and personnel of our company.